Check Harrington TC/1001 Prince of Wales


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Poly/Viscose soft handle stretch check Harrington jacket, with classic knit rib to collar, cuffs and hem, scalloped back yoke, two flap packets (and inner pocket) with Trojan tab label on pocket.
Colour: Prince of Wales
Composition: 65% Polyester/32% Viscose/3% Elastane
Care: Machine wash, please refer to full instructions on garment care label.

Approximate sizing as follows:

S ā€“ 36ā€³ ā€“ 38ā€³Ā 
M ā€“ 38ā€³ ā€“ 40ā€³Ā 
L ā€“ 40ā€³ ā€“ 42ā€³Ā 
XL ā€“ 42ā€³ ā€“ 44ā€³Ā 
2XL ā€“ 44ā€³ ā€“ 46
3XLĀ ā€“ 46ā€³ ā€“ 48ā€³
4XLĀ ā€“ 48ā€³ ā€“ 50ā€³